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Cast stone figurines of all styles, shapes, and sizes.  This includes animals, urns, benches, tables and lawn decor.

Sponge Candy

An amazing candy with a luscious crunchy center-much the same as a honeycomb.  It melts in your mouth, covered with our unique pure chocolate. Milk chocolate, orange chocolate, or dark chocolate.


A  wide variety of unusual never before seen items to please each and everyone of us.  A touch of whimsy, nostalgic, one of a kind, for everyone.

Our Story

Emil Valvo, father of Joseph Valvo, came over through Ellis Island from Aliminusa, Sicily at the age of 19 with his mother. He worked driving a team of horses in 1919 delivering groceries to feed his family.  He then worked for Mr. Marzikus. The owner liked him and eventually, because of his work ethics, asked him if he would like to purchase his store. The store was an old-fashioned soda fountain, ice cream, and soda bar. He had no money, but the owner knew the president of the white bank on the corner in Silver Creek. Emil was introduced to the president of the bank, Mr. Denny. Mr. Denny took Emil for a ride out in the country in a Model T Ford and let Emil borrow the money to purchase the business. Time moved very swiftly and here we are, the third generation, carrying on our tradition of quality confections and pleasant associates that have been with us over 20 years. Our daughter, Susan, now manages the store while our son, Stephen, is in charge of transportation. Come see Dolly Dimples, she is on the cover of a book displayed in our store.

-  Joseph and Elizabeth Valvo


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